An RPG game where you only have one single inventory slot, that also doubles as a the equipment slot. There are 5 levels, and you can choose between 4 different items that you can use to reach the ladders. You can also try it out without using any items.

The items can be grouped in 2 ways: Single-Use vs Infinite-Use, Aggressive vs Defensive. You can have a Infinite-Use Aggressive item, that is the Club. It doesn't deal much damage, but you can use it as much as you like. The Single-Use Aggressive item is the Spear. You can only throw it once, but it kills everything in its path.

The Infinite-Use Defensive item is the suit of Armor. You get extra health as long as you have it on. However you also walk 30% slower! The Single-Use Defensive Item is the Healing Potion, that instantly replenishes your health. This might be better in situations where speed is important.

This game was made in 48 hours. Code, drawings and sound effects. It was made using the GODOT game engine.

You can look for yourself at the code and art here:

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